About Us

My name is Debbie Spearritt. I was first introduced to the gentle effective treatment that is Bowen Therapy, whilst visiting Setter’s Health Centre in Townsville. After my first treatment I was immediately more relaxed in the body, stood straighter and had significantly more energy. I was immediately captivated by Bowtech Bowen Therapy.

Convinced of the effectiveness of this gentle therapy to bring healing to many ailments, I decided to learn Bowen Therapy. So begins Spearritt Bowen Therapy – with the goal to see the healing of many and a greater profile for this fabulous therapy.

OUR MISSION – to bring affordable and effective healing to many and increase the profile of this fabulous therapy in the community.

To provide pure Bowtech Bowen Therapy
To equip clients with exercises and information to enhance their ongoing health
To increase the profile of Bowen Therapy as a viable effective natural treatment


I look forward to sharing the journey of healing with you. Treatments by appointment at the treatment room in Ormiston.