Amazing, wish l had known about this incredible therapy sooner. Had my first session today with Deb, immediately felt a sense of calm and relaxation. Just noticed the dull pain between my shoulder blades has gone. 5 Stars

“Even after one session I found I could lie on my left side for between a half an hour and one hour.  Before, if I laid on it for just a second I would have tingling in my shoulder.”

“Oh, you are the one who made me feel so good last time I saw you.”

After barely being able to walk due to back pain and instant healing after one treatment, “This is nuts.  I can’t believe this.  What did you do?  I mean, I can walk now.”

“Having suffered from chronic debilitating pain for some years, the loss of feeling in my left hand made it impossible to trust the second walking stick needed.  Ready to try anything, I was encouraged by an increase in sensitivity in the left hand after a few treatments.  I am looking forward to finding out whether continuing treatment can make this permanent.”